Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Blogs...

Just sending this as a note to whomever is reading my blogs, which I haven't posted here in a long time.
Most of my blogs are being posted now on the road to real blog site, since most of what is happening to me is going on musically, so you might want to go there and check out my latest postings.
I still will come here when it comes to more personal stuff, but definitely check out

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad!!
I love you

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Borders Books

Hi All!
this is a little longer of a blog than normal...

Yesterday, Friday June 9th
I started my first day of vacation, we went to Selea's first grade graduation, which was cute.. who has ever heard of a 1st grade graduation??? not me.. but it was put together well.
After that is was a day of La Resa and I just driving around doing some shopping type things.
At about 2pm I got a call from Mark, who is the bass/guitar player for the group "Centerline" it seems that he got a call from Borders books because the store in Beaverton had a last minute cancelation from a group that was supposed to play there. Mark and Centerline had a full schedule and didn't feel they could perform that night, so Mark recommended our little group "RTR" to Dan the marketing guy at Borders.
I had to scramble to figure out if we could do it or not. Mike was tied up in class all day, so I couldn't contact him. I forgot Stephanie was working that night to cover a shortage in Mgt. staff. I didn't want to lose the opportunity that was given to us because ever since I saw a young lady playing at Borders, and also since seeing "CenterLine" perform there I thought it was a cool place to play, and I kind of set it as a goal of mine to play there. This thought/wish was forming before the thought of the forming of the group.
I wanted to lock in the night so we could do it, so I called Dan directly and spoke with him and told him we would do it, even if it meant me performing solo.
I knew also that Mike had a big practice set up for that night for his main group,
"DreamLand Cafe".
Dan explained the arrangement to me, not a paying gig you can do this and that etc. to which I agreed, obviously I have a paying day job so I didn't care about that.
I got a hold of Linda, Mike's wife, as I was talking to her, Mike came home, and said he could do it.
Long story short, got there at 6pm to set up. Mark was kind enough to do our sound check set up, did a great job, and actually stayed the whole time (show was 7 to 9pm).
Mike and I ran through our Sunday night line up (minus the crucial ones with Stephanie) we did an hour long set then took a 15 min. break and then played another 45 mins. We played a lot of stuff that we hadn't played in a long time, and some we had only done 1 or 2 times before. Mike was great, remembered a lot and winged it on the rest.
We made some mistakes, but laughed our way through it. We had some nice compliments from the crowd, met some nice people. The whole "Centerline" group showed up.. that was special to me because I like their music and sound, they were very supportive and gave us a lot of great Kudos, this meant a lot to me.
I think we opened the doors for some "Borders Books" tours in the local area.
Dan said we were doing him a big favor..and that he could start booking us for August and beyond, covering local stores including Vancouver.
What an opportunity this was for us... it turned out great.
It happened so fast I didn't have time to get nervous.
Thanks also go out to the Francos who seem to always show up at a moments notice when it comes to seeing me perform, this was their first time seeing 2/3rds of "RTR"

Nuffa Dat'

PS) we played at a local coffee house on Thurs night, no amplification just acoustic, that was fun also, very small crowd.. but it was good experience.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Our Logo

Here is our official Logo...

A couple of pics from the "White Eagle"

Group Name

we finally came up with a name for our Group, and as you can see by the pic it is somewhat based on a song I wrote called "The Only Road to Real".
So with it being "Road to Real" it can be shortened for space purposes to
"R to R". I don't think it's the most perfect name but it seemed to be best by consensus.
I don't want to go into all of the meanings of that moniker but there are some deep meanings behind it. Hopefully people will pick up on that. I know the first reaction is.. Hmmm that's an odd name, but it's different enough. I googled it, no one out there has used it.
Drop me an email with your thoughts.

Nuffa' Dat!


Another night at the "White Eagle"

Hi all,
Last night went better than the previous week, even though the previous week wasn't bad. We ended up just being Andy and Mike, which we hadn't planned on, but we got it done. Everyone before us was extremely mellow, so we decided at the last minute to do 2 fast ones, so we did "The other Guy" and " You just do what you do"
Took a little bit for me to loosen up, but I finally did on the other guy.
I look out at the end of that song and saw a lot of smiling facing in the audience.
One guy came up to Mike and I and shook our hands when we were done, that was nice.
The audience was the best audience that I had seen there ever. They were very quiet and listened to every artist, that is unusual. John the "Host" even thanked everybody.
The main attraction for that night was beyond awesome but I couldn't even begin to describe what he did, it was just musically like nothing I had ever seen before, the guy was truly creative, he is so good that I don't think he will ever make it, he just won't be understood. He played bass guitar, but it was so eclectic and beautiful, at one point it was like "whales" signing. I can't go on from there.
Part of the pleasure of the evening was in the fact that Kim and Tina both came to watch us and show us support. It was great having them there and it gave me some room for some audience banter with Kim.. it was fun

We had a good night especially since we didn't have to get up and go to work the next day

Nuffa' Dat!


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hi All,
Last week Mike R. and I performed at the White Eagle Open Mic night. We are also going to do the same thing this week. This week Stephanie will be joining us. Last weeks review: Went pretty well, I didn't feel all that great about it, but the reactions were good. I kind of went into a zone and didn't hear too much, pretty much just went on automatic. I lost my voice after the first song.. don't know why, I think I tightened up due to nerves... Couldn't hear my voice at all on the second song.
Again, the reactions were good, my guitar went over well. Took the Breedlove "Pacific" it sounded great. We played "She Brings that to me" and " He ". It was a small, mellow crowd, so we went with a couple of mellow tunes. This week we will be doing..
"Anywhere but Near" and "You just do what you do"
I will let you know how it went

Nuffa' Dat!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day everyone!

Sitting out on the Deck this fine sunday morning, very sunny, nice temp of 60 degrees feels warmer because of the sun out. It is so green in Oregon right now.
The apple tree is at full mast with it's leaves all firm and healthy, our Kiwi plants are all wrapped around the rails of the Deck, it's a wonder we even have any sunlight shining on us. My hop plants are taller than I have ever seen for this time of the year. The birds have so much choice for food and shelter that I can't even see them all but I can clearly hear everyone of them.
I have my humming bird feeder out but it is not being visited all that much because there is so much nectar on the plants and trees, they just don't really need it. I see more of them on my apple tree than I do on the feeder... I will be patient though.
La Resa and I actually went out and bought a bird book because we have seen so many birds and we just don't know what they are, and had enough curiosity to want to know.

We are under a severe weather alert because our temp is supposed to go up into the mid 90's today, doesn't sound like much after leaving florida last week.

I am sure everyone knows this but the little group has a "gig" on June 11th. Have been working toward that, preparing 8 songs. Mike and I practiced outside this week, out on my deck. There is no better sound than just acoustic guitar and upright bass playing without any amplification... it sounded so good...


I hope your day is as nice as mine has started out... I feel so good sitting out here typing to you, La Resa is reading the Sunday paper, Selea is running around the yard, Dontay and Chancey are out here with us along with "Precious" the cat...

Nuffa' Dat!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

some more stuff about the group

Haven't blogged in a while..
work has been going the same, which I never blog about anyway (okay except for that time during Christmas)

I have been continuing with getting together with Mike R., the bass player, and we are getting pretty tight. Stephanie has joined us and has started coming to practices.

I went to see the group "Centerline" a few times, one time at Borders books and one time at "Bethany Village Grill". I really like that group, they are a trio of 2 guys and a gal, that sing very nice acoustic songs, covering a range of sounds like Country(ish) folkish, and songs that tell stories. Not all that unlike my stuff.

I have been conversing via email with Mark, the bass and acoustic guitar player. He has helped me with a lot of information for setting up a PA system. I actually went to watch them play Friday night and Mark went through all of his set up with me. I really appreciated that.

At the Bethany Village Grille I met with Mike R. and his wife, and another guitar player named Gary. We chatted and ate dinner there while watching Centerline.
In the mean time Mike had a conversation with the owner of the Grille, Les, and Les asked us to play there on the second Sunday of the month, and I am not sure if it's every month or not, have to talk to Mike about that one. So anyway it sounds like we have our first Gig.

We are also working on a name for the ensemble. I will keep you posted on that one.

Nuffa Dat


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Forming a small Group

Blog for March 19th 2006

Haven't posted in a bit, I have been pretty busy trying to get a small group together.
What I envisioned was myself a Upright bass player, another guitar player, and a harmony singer or two. Actually the other guitar player was hopefully someone who is a writer also and we would work with each other on our music and back each other up.
What I have so far is an Upright Bass player, a guitar player who plays some nice fills and leads. My harmony singer is up in the air right now. I have a meeting with a young lady on Monday night so we will see how that goes.
I hate to sit here and post about things that aren't coming to fruition yet but heck it's just a blog.
I saw this girl at the Green Room open mic night, who I thought had a great voice, she plays the guitar okay but I could tell she hadn't been playing for a long time, anyway she ended up answering my ad, via email, and sending me the link to her "myspace" sight. I had thought about approaching her before when I saw her perform. I think I could back her up on what she is doing, that is to say playing guitar and singing harmony but not sure if she could reciprocate. I emailed her back, and we will have to wait and see.

So, Mike R., who is the Bass player, and I have gotten together a couple of times, the first night was just to introduce each other and kind of jam to see how it sounds, the second night we worked on 4 specific songs and got a good foundation. It's fun playing with another musician, although I haven't done it in years. It's a little distracting because I can't sing and listen all that well. I kept losing my spot because I was listening to him play. We had a good time. Mike R. is a great guy, someone who really loves music, he is very appreciative of my stuff and smiles a lot. He is quite experienced in the Portland music scene and has some great connections and has some good ideas for what we can do.

I am working with a guy named Damien who is a pretty good guitar player. Damien is very methodical at what he does so he is really studying my music and trying to come up with just the right sound. He really likes my stuff and wants to focus on my music entirely. He must be a good guy if he thinks my music is really good?

Nuffa' Dat!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Andy at "The Green Room"

Monday night at the Green Room....

Well I don't feel like I did as well as I did the last time but the response was very good! Of course 1/2 of the Audience were my dear friends..
I would like to thank Tina, Sheri, Pat, Christine, Annie and Hubby (sorry can't remember names well), Greggie pooh, Angie, Mike, Margie, Trish, Amy, I think that was the gang. What a great support group I had.

The room was full and it had a lot of good musicians there. I was very pleased that the guy that followed me was not the guy who preceded me. He was great, I am just glad I didn't follow him. What a voice and the chord progressions were awesome. I went up to him to shake his hand because I was really impressed. He was very kind in his compliments to me.

I was nervous couldn't quite loosen up to perform the way I would like too, but of course nobody noticed. I really enjoyed it and the time that we had after was fun also, we sat around talked, and also of course watched the other musicians play.
We probably weren't the best audience as we were talking quite a bit.

The above pictures were taken by Christine, and Pat
After seeing these pictures of me I shaved off the beard except for the gotee to get rid of some of the grey. Didn't realize I looked so old..

I played...

"By the time you get to heaven no one will be singing but you"
"I'll Tell you Goodbye" Michael Greenberg's great tune
"It's the kind of day you just do what you do" (new and as of yet unreleased)

Again, had fun. Hope to do it again soon.
Next blog I will try to talk about something different

Nuffa Dat'


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Playing out Mon night 2/27

I hate saying "The Green Room" again, but I am going to be playing Monday night at the "Green Room" again.
It's not like getting a gig, but I have fun doing it, well at least when it's over and I can breathe again, it's fun.
I told a lot of people about this. If everyone ends up going who says they are going there should be 15-20 people
showing up... that's scarey!! Gives me good incentive to do my best. It also calms me down a bit and lets me focus
so that I will perform my best. There are some people who know me that are going but have never heard me play.
I don't really have a lot to say in this blog... don't want to ramble.
If you feel like flying in to Portland for the evening you should come on down, would love to have you there!
I will let you know how it went.

Nuffa Dat!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

2 days before Valentines

Sunday Feb 12th

Not much on the home front today, 2 days before Hallmark day, or is it Valentine's day? Cards and chocolate, there's something to look forward to. It's a week of transition at work, no sooner does the 14th come and we have to get Easter all set, and "you only have 2-3 days to do it"! Oh and by the way, the new boss is coming in on Monday so you had better be perfect! It's taken me a lifetime and I have accomplished that yet, so how can I do it in less than a week? No really I am asking you..

"Remakes and Remixes 2" or better known as "Remakes 2" is all re-recorded and remixed. I am at the final listening stages, so for sure by next weekend I will have this done, and start mailing out by the next week. In case you don't know when I make a "Remakes" it's all my older stuff, that I am trying to make better than the original recording, or maybe just give it a new sound.
I am repeating my self from an earlier post.

All together there are 10 songs.

I am also now 8 songs into the new CD that is called "It's Lovely when it Rains"

Had an interesting dream last night about a new song... it was very touching and emotional. I will have to see what comes of that.

Had a good response to my classified ad looking for a guitar partner. The person who answered described himself, and he sounded like me, I had to go back and check to see if I accidentally responded to my own ad. I sent him a few songs and he liked them. I am looking forward to hooking up with him, we'll see what happens.

Nuffa Dat!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

A little Delay..

I have a little delay in putting out remakes 2, I have some things that I want to touch up a bit before I send it out.
I am also working on another "song compilation" (cd) at the same time that has all new stuff on it. Last Sunday I
ended up writing a new song and got that recorded, after the intial recording, which I thought was done, I started
experimenting a bit and finding new things that were working out nicely. This in turn has lead me to want to go back
on some of the "Remakes 2" stuff and touch up a bit... hence, the delay.
Just didn't want to say I was going to do something and not do it, or at least explain to you why I am behind on what I had
said originally.

No successful responses to my "Ad" yet..
will probably take time also.

I have been doing some serious self analysis on my songwriting in the last few days, self analysis isn't always the best thing
to do, but, I am listening like I am not me. I like what I have done but I am thinking that I need a shot in the arm to grow a little bit. I will be in listening mode for a while now to try to absorb some new stuff. There are a few things on the new CD that will kind of reflect a change that has already started.. but I will let you be the judge of that.

Nuffa Dat',


Friday, February 03, 2006

The Green Room again...

I went again to the "Green Room"
this time Tina, Sheri, Pat and Christine went to watch me.
I find it much easier to perform when friends are with me. I was nervous and quite honestly probably would have chickened out had they not been there.
I have never seen that many people at the Green Room ever before. I don't think there too many seats open.

Being nervous and having the friends really forced me to work through the nerves, I just got up there and belted out the songs.
I played:

"I can only show you what I am" New
"That's a Fact" Older
" I can't live with your Cheating no more" off of "The Only Road to Real" CD

I really belted out with my voice. I think I had a real good audience response.
Chuck , the Host, came up and said "Excellent" I hadn't heard him say that to anyone before.

Some blonde chick in the back was really getting into it, she stood up and watched from the corner, okay so I am only mentioning that because I noticed how much she was really getting into it, and I appreciated that.
Tina said "someone back over in that corner was really getting into it"
Could have been a dark haired guy for all I care, it was just nice that someone liked it that much.

I also noticed some of the other musicians really paying attention to what I was doing.
This was also the first time that I have performed standing up using a "guitar strap", that made it much easier to get the nerve kinks out of my system.
I actually really enjoyed it. I want to do it again real soon, but I don't want to be one of those guys who goes every week and wears out the novelty of it all.
I am thinking once a month.

I put an ad in the local area paper, it's online mostly but comes in print also. I was advertising looking for an acoustic guitar playing, singing, songwriting person who wants to team up. I would really like to have someone as passionate as I to play out in public with. I miss playing with Michael, I really enjoyed that time of our lives when we played all the time.. Miss you Mike!
Got an email response already from someone, I am going to be very picky!!

Nuffa Dat!

Talk to you soon...

Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Song Compilation coming to you

Well, I know it's been a long time in coming but I am announcing the release of "Remakes 2", this is the sequel to "Remakes and Remixes". I tried to redo only ones I haven't redone before, but I ended up with "Solace from the Pain" again, sorry but I can't seem to stop recording that one.
This version is raw, or "live". I recorded the vocals and the guitar at the same time, so I am calling it "live". I did the same with "She Brings that to Me".

Today I am finishing up the "Artwork" for the cover and remixing one of the songs. So I should have this out by Week's end.

If you are anxious to hear some of the songs they are available on my podcast, which is now on "itunes" Go to podcasts and search "Andrew Scott Frost" and you will have to subscribe to it and there you go. I think the songs show up around podcast 2-6. Podcast 6 is on there but itunes hasn't updated it yet, neither has They must not work over the weekend.

My two favorite remixes on this new CD are, "I am Lost" and "Home" I like the guitar work on these two. On "I am Lost" I sped up the tempo just a bit and used as many as 4 acoustic guitar parts, giving it less of a country feel and more of a, I can't say "Jazz" but it has a different feel to it. You also swear that there were drums on this mix but there isn't, I was really getting into the second guitar part and was tapping the guitar. I was hoping to have Michael Greenberg on this song with me, but we never seem to be able to get together, he lives about 10 hours away.

I will have more in depth accounts of the songs listed on the website if you are interested.