Sunday, November 06, 2005

Interesting week

I try to keep my work out of this, for 2 reasons, I am sure it's boring to everyone and also I don't want people to figure out where I am, you know people who don't really know me, not that I am paranoid or anything.
Let's see, what's new, mostly unfortunately it's all work related, the economy is tight so work is tightening up on expenses which means payroll, so we are cutting back and the stress level is very high.

On the music front, I took a week off and didn't appear (play) anywhere, but I am working on the latest CD, actually working on two CD's at the same time, a new one, which is currently called "It's Lovely when it Rains" and the other one is kind of a "Remakes and Remixes II", I haven't really figured out what I am going to call it, but I will keep you posted. I wrote a new song this week that I think is really haunting, even though haunting is probably not the most accurate description, I sent it to those who have high speed internet access, and I will probably put it on a "podcast" sometime this week.

I am glad you are reading my blogs, and I know this isn't as personal as a personal email, but for some reasaon it's more fun because I can put in some pics and select an interesting background etc.

I have a new friend, that I have been having some good email conversations with, it's acutally someone that I would probably call my new "biggest" fan, I won't mention their name here, to protect the privacy etc. Of course Mom is probably my biggest fan but that goes without saving. Some nice doors have been opened up for me since I have been playing in public lately, have met some really nice people.

Nuffa Dat',