Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Song Compilation coming to you

Well, I know it's been a long time in coming but I am announcing the release of "Remakes 2", this is the sequel to "Remakes and Remixes". I tried to redo only ones I haven't redone before, but I ended up with "Solace from the Pain" again, sorry but I can't seem to stop recording that one.
This version is raw, or "live". I recorded the vocals and the guitar at the same time, so I am calling it "live". I did the same with "She Brings that to Me".

Today I am finishing up the "Artwork" for the cover and remixing one of the songs. So I should have this out by Week's end.

If you are anxious to hear some of the songs they are available on my podcast, which is now on "itunes" Go to podcasts and search "Andrew Scott Frost" and you will have to subscribe to it and there you go. I think the songs show up around podcast 2-6. Podcast 6 is on there but itunes hasn't updated it yet, neither has They must not work over the weekend.

My two favorite remixes on this new CD are, "I am Lost" and "Home" I like the guitar work on these two. On "I am Lost" I sped up the tempo just a bit and used as many as 4 acoustic guitar parts, giving it less of a country feel and more of a, I can't say "Jazz" but it has a different feel to it. You also swear that there were drums on this mix but there isn't, I was really getting into the second guitar part and was tapping the guitar. I was hoping to have Michael Greenberg on this song with me, but we never seem to be able to get together, he lives about 10 hours away.

I will have more in depth accounts of the songs listed on the website if you are interested.