Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday is a lazy Day!

I am so spuratic on these blogs, and in place of them I have been emailing the family, but to keep up the page I am adding this blog...

What's new?

Selea turned 6 years old on the 10th. We had a big party of 6 girls or so, I lost count. The party lasted 2 hours. Next year it's going to be 1 and 1/2 hours max! She had a good time, but we forgot to tell everyone not to buy "Barbie" merchandise, Selea for some reason absolutely hates Barbie.
When she got a barbie she gritted her teeth sqwunched up her face and said "TTTTHHHHAAAANNNNKKKK YYYYOOOUUU",
she was trying so hard not to show her disdain.

I was on vacation the week before last, came back this week, back to the battle ground, it's so hard going back to it. It really only takes a day to readjust but that day is always very painful.
I had to fire one of my cashiers of 4 years for stealing, we finally caught her on video tape. She admitted to stealing $3,200 in cash and some cigarettes. They only end up normally admitting to about 1/4 of what they steal so you can do the math on that one. The cops came and took her to jail, it's a felony theft case.
I still felt bad for her because her life was screwed up enough to begin with, she just made it much worse.

There are rumors at work that I am being moved, I don't know where to but I think it's a step up for me.

My thumb is doing better, it's still healing. My guess is that it won't need surgery, it seems to be getting some resistance back, it still hurts when I don't wear the splint and I hit it on something... that makes me put the splint back on rather quickly.

okay, that's it for now...

talk at you later.