Sunday, March 19, 2006

Forming a small Group

Blog for March 19th 2006

Haven't posted in a bit, I have been pretty busy trying to get a small group together.
What I envisioned was myself a Upright bass player, another guitar player, and a harmony singer or two. Actually the other guitar player was hopefully someone who is a writer also and we would work with each other on our music and back each other up.
What I have so far is an Upright Bass player, a guitar player who plays some nice fills and leads. My harmony singer is up in the air right now. I have a meeting with a young lady on Monday night so we will see how that goes.
I hate to sit here and post about things that aren't coming to fruition yet but heck it's just a blog.
I saw this girl at the Green Room open mic night, who I thought had a great voice, she plays the guitar okay but I could tell she hadn't been playing for a long time, anyway she ended up answering my ad, via email, and sending me the link to her "myspace" sight. I had thought about approaching her before when I saw her perform. I think I could back her up on what she is doing, that is to say playing guitar and singing harmony but not sure if she could reciprocate. I emailed her back, and we will have to wait and see.

So, Mike R., who is the Bass player, and I have gotten together a couple of times, the first night was just to introduce each other and kind of jam to see how it sounds, the second night we worked on 4 specific songs and got a good foundation. It's fun playing with another musician, although I haven't done it in years. It's a little distracting because I can't sing and listen all that well. I kept losing my spot because I was listening to him play. We had a good time. Mike R. is a great guy, someone who really loves music, he is very appreciative of my stuff and smiles a lot. He is quite experienced in the Portland music scene and has some great connections and has some good ideas for what we can do.

I am working with a guy named Damien who is a pretty good guitar player. Damien is very methodical at what he does so he is really studying my music and trying to come up with just the right sound. He really likes my stuff and wants to focus on my music entirely. He must be a good guy if he thinks my music is really good?

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Andy at "The Green Room"

Monday night at the Green Room....

Well I don't feel like I did as well as I did the last time but the response was very good! Of course 1/2 of the Audience were my dear friends..
I would like to thank Tina, Sheri, Pat, Christine, Annie and Hubby (sorry can't remember names well), Greggie pooh, Angie, Mike, Margie, Trish, Amy, I think that was the gang. What a great support group I had.

The room was full and it had a lot of good musicians there. I was very pleased that the guy that followed me was not the guy who preceded me. He was great, I am just glad I didn't follow him. What a voice and the chord progressions were awesome. I went up to him to shake his hand because I was really impressed. He was very kind in his compliments to me.

I was nervous couldn't quite loosen up to perform the way I would like too, but of course nobody noticed. I really enjoyed it and the time that we had after was fun also, we sat around talked, and also of course watched the other musicians play.
We probably weren't the best audience as we were talking quite a bit.

The above pictures were taken by Christine, and Pat
After seeing these pictures of me I shaved off the beard except for the gotee to get rid of some of the grey. Didn't realize I looked so old..

I played...

"By the time you get to heaven no one will be singing but you"
"I'll Tell you Goodbye" Michael Greenberg's great tune
"It's the kind of day you just do what you do" (new and as of yet unreleased)

Again, had fun. Hope to do it again soon.
Next blog I will try to talk about something different

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