Sunday, April 23, 2006

some more stuff about the group

Haven't blogged in a while..
work has been going the same, which I never blog about anyway (okay except for that time during Christmas)

I have been continuing with getting together with Mike R., the bass player, and we are getting pretty tight. Stephanie has joined us and has started coming to practices.

I went to see the group "Centerline" a few times, one time at Borders books and one time at "Bethany Village Grill". I really like that group, they are a trio of 2 guys and a gal, that sing very nice acoustic songs, covering a range of sounds like Country(ish) folkish, and songs that tell stories. Not all that unlike my stuff.

I have been conversing via email with Mark, the bass and acoustic guitar player. He has helped me with a lot of information for setting up a PA system. I actually went to watch them play Friday night and Mark went through all of his set up with me. I really appreciated that.

At the Bethany Village Grille I met with Mike R. and his wife, and another guitar player named Gary. We chatted and ate dinner there while watching Centerline.
In the mean time Mike had a conversation with the owner of the Grille, Les, and Les asked us to play there on the second Sunday of the month, and I am not sure if it's every month or not, have to talk to Mike about that one. So anyway it sounds like we have our first Gig.

We are also working on a name for the ensemble. I will keep you posted on that one.

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