Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blogger Confusion or Another Sunday Comment

It is definitely difficult to navigate through the blogs.
I added a blog to Dad's Francisco site, I entered it under comments but i don't see that it appeared.
I am wondering if there are easier blog sites out there.

One thing you can do if you don't want to use your email addresses is go to hotmail or yahoo or somewhere else and create an email address there. You can then use that address for anything that you want as far as registration of something like a "blog" . All of the junk that you don't want will go to that address.
Just a thought. I have several but then I forget what they are after awhile so you would have to be more organized than myself.

The only way I can add a new blog is to go to, then it recognizes me and the blog that I created and then I can post a new blog such as this one.

I guess we could just continue emailing and then "reply to all" if you want everyone else to see your reply back.

That's it for now...
see you all soon


Thursday, May 27, 2004

I don't know if you are reading....

No one seemed to like my blogger idea..
I did an experiment using La Resa's name and clicked on comment next to one of my posts. It asked for a name and password, which I did, and then it went to url etc..., which I didn't fill anything in and discontinued the process but when I went back to sign in it remembered my (La Resa's) name and password and that was it.

I have been home from work all week, on vacation, and I have basically done nothing. I smoked Ribs one day, and that takes about 4-5 hours, I should have been more patient because I only went 4 and 1/2 hours and they weren't "falling off the bone" like the way that I like them, should have rode it out for another 30 mins. But they were still good.

Donovan's Birthday is coming up next week.
Taylor Grauduates from Jr. High She has really pulled her grades up after a little lull, she has cranked out a lot of A's and A+'s. I still can't tell you how proud of her I am.

Donovan seems to be getting better work ethic although La Resa may argue with that.

I recorded another song so now I have 7 and that is usually release on a new CD. I started writing another one... well it was coming out of me at a not so oportune time, so I recorded what I could (so that I could remember) and wrote the words. The words came out in less than 5 mins. I swear. It seems to be in the "Old Folky" style that I haven't used in awhile. I may make it more Blue grassy. Sorry, this may seem boring to y'all but the process really interests me because I don't sit down to write like the pro's do. I write when it start coming, I wait for a "trigger" to start the process then it kicks real quick and there it goes. Definitely wouldn't want to count on this for a source of income.

Okay that's it for now

I guess Dad is trying to find a better blogging system for us all.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Update on Kids...

With anything new I go all out so I may end up doing too many of these at first.

Taylor did so well last year in school, so I expected the same this year. It started off well with a 3.5 but then mid term this year she was pulling some real low grades. Needless to say Dad went through the roof. My doing that seems to have paid off. I just signed a progress report where she is pulling mostly straight A's recently. This is pulling up here current grade so she should come out of the year pretty well.
I am not sure if I told anyone or not but she was selected to participate in "Honors English" next year, 9th grade, because of her writing skills. Taylor is into writing because she loves to read "Fantasy Fiction" if you call it that. She spends a lot of time writing and submitting her work online where they critique her and make suggestions. This is very productive for her obviously.
Her selection was a high mark, because there are very few kids selected for this program.

Donovan is being like his Dad when it comes to school. 6th grade he is doing ok, but that isn't good enough. I think now he is starting to care but it is taking a lot of Mom's energy to get him there. I just brow beat him a lot. I think he will pull it off though. He doesn't have a lot of privelages left until he pulls the grades up. Again, it seems to me that he is starting to realize the importance of putting in the effort. (hoping La Resa agrees with me on that one)

Selea is still cute as a button and always amazing me with her communication skills and sudden articulation. I may put her on my next CD signing the ABC song because she really loves that song. "That's a really great song Dad" implying I should write a song as good as that... would be hard to top that.

That's it for now....

Sunday at Home with Andy

Okay, so I get up Sunday morning around 8:30am after going to bed at 9:00pm Sat. evening ( this is highly unusual) I had a long week and didn't get much of a chance to sleep in. No one else is up yet, so I take advantage of my time and make some coffee and start looking around on the net.
I end up surfing blogs for some reason and find this place where we can post some of our thoughts as a family. So I titled it Frost Family.
I am not expecting anyone to do this or to feel like they have to do this but I thought it looked like fun. Okay it's hokey and corney but if you want to keep it going that's fine if not no big deal. This didn't cost us anything at all.

I am not sure how it works but I am going to play with it and figure it out and hopefully will be able to explain it to y'all.
I guess it's not as fast as email but it gives you one more reason to go to the net and be somewhat productive.

Let me know what you think.

I should have a seperate post on here and Call it. " How Mom scared the Hell out of us this Week" or "There and back by Elaine Mcneill"