Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blogger Confusion or Another Sunday Comment

It is definitely difficult to navigate through the blogs.
I added a blog to Dad's Francisco site, I entered it under comments but i don't see that it appeared.
I am wondering if there are easier blog sites out there.

One thing you can do if you don't want to use your email addresses is go to hotmail or yahoo or somewhere else and create an email address there. You can then use that address for anything that you want as far as registration of something like a "blog" . All of the junk that you don't want will go to that address.
Just a thought. I have several but then I forget what they are after awhile so you would have to be more organized than myself.

The only way I can add a new blog is to go to, then it recognizes me and the blog that I created and then I can post a new blog such as this one.

I guess we could just continue emailing and then "reply to all" if you want everyone else to see your reply back.

That's it for now...
see you all soon