Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Day Another Age...

So another 12/25 went by and now I am 46, been here for 46 years, Mom and I were talking about how fast it goes by, and I said "no it goes by just at the right speed" I think we start forgetting more as we get older so those cherished times of our youth are forgotten and it's like waking up and "poof" it's gone. Well I am refusing to let that be true, everything has happened and gone by just at the right pace. After all, I lived this life already, I am just remembering it now...
Being born on Christmas means nothing really. Mom was great in that she would celebrate my Christmas birthday on Dec. 24th eve. that way I could open up birthday presents that night, and then wake up and open up Christmas presents on the 25th.
That was very good for me. It doesn't work that way now as I am older but La Resa is good at making sure I am recognized on my Birthday, she contacts the local press and it's usually front page of the "Oregonian" after all it is really big news!

Work is work, we have to clean up all of our messes, and get on with business. That is all i am going to say about that!

Thanks for the cards, and well wishes, the phone calls and the "text" messages. Thanks for taking a moment to make contact with me on the 25th of yet another December.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

13 days of Christmas..

Was the 13th day of Christmas and My True Love Gave to Me.. another day at work and a Customer that won't let me be...
I think only my fellow Managers can know what I am going through right now, I think it's called apothy, or I don't give a sh__.
I am so tired of stacking appliances, walking through my store looking at at the super structures, walking through the stockroom looking for a Bissell Sweeper in the hopes that some wayward husband might think it's the perfect gift for the love of his life, unlocking the key to the valuable room/cage hoping that that walgreens 9 volt battery holds enough voltage to inspire some lonely housewife to "buy me" cause I am on sale 3/$1.00 and like it really would last long enough to power up the Radio Controlled Battery Operated Remote Control High Speed Blender that will mix all the Chaos of my holiday cheer into a Swhirling Bottomless box of emotional bliss that when I check out, finally, I find the key to life and an elixir worth mixing and sharing with a gathering of well conceived bossom buddies and a tabernacle of emotionally deficient high schoolers attending a pre-prom gathering hosted by not only all of the people who attended the first day of kindergarten with but also the last day of boy scouts and the first day of college. Now if you don't understand that then you haven't had enough coffee and haven't answered enough "customer service calls line one" or code 30 in the pharmacy, or IC3's, and you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. Tomorrow is another day and I love my Job!!! Only 2 days left. Can I possibly show up and know what the heck I am talking about. We'll see, oh and by the way, enjoy your Christmas day, it's the only day off you will have in the month of December, but be there bright and early on the 26th it's an important day of doing absolutely nothing but cleaning up the mess of all the people that were there on the 25th who absolutely had no foresight to plan on buying everything that they might have needed for that all important 25th of December. Who's birthday is it really anyway.. oh yeah MINE!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

All I want to do is dance...

Okay, I don't really have a reason to title this Blog "all I want to do is dance" but I seem to have that song in my head, it's an "Eagles" song I think or at least Don Henley sings it..
All of us Managers at work are going on day 7 out of 13 in a row before Christmas day, but the other way that we look at it is we only have 1 day off in 21 days. It used to be worse, it used to be that we had Thanksgiving day off then that was it till Christmas day, sooooo it is much better, but it still is tough, we are losing patience, are a bit testy, and may I say slightly "pissy".
I am working on the new CD but I am at a standstill right now because of work, I have been playing my guitar but I haven't had much energy to actually record.
On Tues. I drove down to perform at "Haven" coffee house but when I drove by, they didn't have anyone there playing and they didn't have the sound system set up, so I think they aren't doing open mic night for the winter season. I am going to call and see what's going on. I was really kind of looking forward to playing, oh well. I am thinking about the "Green Room" for Monday night but that takes a little more preparation, mentally, for me.

Oh the weather, well "Baby it's Cold Outside", it's been very chilly in the Pacific Northwest this week. Speaking of that song, if you haven't heard James Taylor and Natalie Cole singing "Ooohh Baby it's cold outside" you are missing a great rendition of that song. If you like I can send you an MP3 of it, just drop me an email ... I think that may be illegal sharing a song like that, oh well sue me!

My Life is settling down a bit, I have written a few good songs lately and am hoping to get 4 more new ones so I can release the new CD. "It's lovely when it Rains" so far I have 6 new ones. I am also due to send out a new podcast. I will try to do that before the end of the week, even though this is the biggest weeks of the year. Oh and did I say, I am ready to retire...

Nuffa Dat,

talk to you soon,


Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Christmas Season...

Does anyone really know why we do this thing we call "The Holiday Season"? It seems so pointless.. I don't really want to rant about this and I know what I say isn't going to be all that creative or funny. I can also so that this is one of the calmer Christmas seasons that I have had, it is in a new work location, and I have a lot more space to work with where I am this year, which initially is tougher to set up, but once it's set up it's easier to maintain, less time stocking the shelves, you can set certain time periods earlier than most other locations so you can stay ahead of the game, also you have more space for your customers so there is less stress for them in their shopping experience, with all that said, I guess I don't have a lot to complain about other than the fact that people are so negative this time of year, they are struggling so hard to buy something that is going to make themselves happy, you know, that particular ornament that reminds them of their child hood, or a particular "Lamp" that they just have to have, "I have to have that" why?? One thing I can't figure out is why do the masses of people all decide to shop on a particular day at a particular time. People shop in clusters, if you watch all of the stores in a "District" or "Market" we are all busy exactly on the same day.. or we all are slow on a particular day. How is the state of consciousness of the human race all linked in that they would all shop exactly at the same day same time in all retail locations? It's amazing to observe this, and I think that most people aren't aware of this. It's most notable when people shop your pharmacy on the same day at the same peak time and they want their prescription at that same time, "right now!" Leaving no room for the understanding that there is someone in front of them which a much more serious need, nope! it's all about me!!! I can't change this I just wish more people could observe this and take a deep breath, calm down, it's not like you are in Iraq! It's 5 o'clock on a Monday in Downtown USA, relax, you have it better than anyone else in the world right now, yeah I am sorry we are out of the 39 cent scotch tape you are looking for, I know.. we did it to you on purpose, we knew you were coming so we purposely sold out before you got here because it was you, oh did you hear, 10 marines got killed today??? how many of the scotch tapes did you want? 3? okay, I am so sorry...

my email...

Sorry if you receive several copies of this email.

I am not going to be using the afrost59@comcast.net email address anymore,
I am only going to be using this, afrost59@gmail.com and my cold cut
recording email address andyfrost@coldcutrecordings.com

I am getting a huge amount of spam on comcast, and they aren't doing
anything about that so I am not going to use that account anymore.


Andy Frost

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm Back...

Boy it's been a while since I have been here, hope you all didn't forget about me. I think I have forgotton about me also. I have not been myself lately, it's been a rough month. I haven't played out in public in a bit, and I am missing that, I am thinking that my nerves are going to be back in full swing when I finally get back out there.
I have been on a roller coaster of emotions for some reason, maybe it's because I am 45 and 46 is just days away. Nothing really happens when you turn 45, it seems quite harmless but then that year goes by fast and all of a sudden you say, "Is this it? is this all there is?" What you do with the answer to that question can go either way. I guess my resolution of that conflict isn't quite over, I wish it were, and I wish I didn't just go through that, think I would have been better off not going through that questioning, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, "everything happens for a reason" whatever!! Unfortunately those that you love have to suffer through this also, let's not forget about that one.
Sorry this is gloomy, wish I had something fun to talk about.
Well I can say this, for all the times that people have come to me with a heartache and I didn't understand and I didn't help you out, I appologize, my feelings are now wide open for you, I will be there for you next time for certain, and I will know exactly what you are going through and feeling.