Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well I did it!!

Well, I did it!

I went to the open Mic night at the "Green Room" Monday night and performed in public for the first time in years, and really long years because I really only played one song at a time at a major seminar.

I will try to recap the evening but keep it short...

Let me start out by saying every week that I have gone there have been mostly okay performers and a few that are a bit rough around the edges, so, the night I choose to give it a go, everyone was very good to great! I was so laughing about that... figures huh?

In the line up I was number 6. The first guy was Brandt something, he was awesome, had a great sound and wrote some great stuff, great voice, wow!
The second guy I can't remember his name, but he was weird but extremely talented, I think his name was DJ, that's all I have for a name . I don't know if he had original stuff or not, but if he was singing his own stuff, he was and extremely great song writer.
There was a guy/gal combo that did well.
The person before me was kind of esoteric, which doesn't always bode well in a "Bar" environment, soooooooo

When I got up there I was a bit nervous but it took a while to get set up, which is good for a distraction of my nerves. The first song I played was Michael Greenberg's "I'll Tell You Goodbye". I really stretched out the intro, to get my fingers time to loosen up. I then played "To Be with You Tonight", and then "The Other Guy".
I only played the 3 songs.

It's kind of a tough crowd because most of the people there are the other musicians and I think they feel like you are the competition, but the people who I considered real good, seem to be listening to me, in fact the first guy, Brandt, came up as he was leaving a gave me a "great job" comment, which I wish I had been able to give to him.

I was noticing that I had some people's attention, I think playing my "Bluesy" upbeat stuff paid off because it wasn't being played by others. 3 older guys, probably a few years older than me, occupied the seats in front of me and to my left, they seemed to really appreciate the music, they alone made my night worth while.

All and all I was really relaxed, I made a lot of eye contact, I didn't stare at my hands. It was good and I feel pretty good about it. I called Tina a couple of minutes before I was leaving to let her know I was going to play, I felt like I needed a little bit of moral support, she was very excited and didn't hesitate to come along. I really appreciated her coming. Tina is always a good supporter, I think it was great that she was available to come at a moments notice, I really appreciated her being there.
I think I would like to do the coffee house thing next, a little mellower.
But also, Stephanie and I are going to work up a set so that we can go to the Green Room and perform.

That's basically it!

Thanks for reading.

Talk to you all soon.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday off

This is the first saturday I have had off in a long time, it seems, and therefore I have the weekend off. This blog won't be very interesting. I am sitting on the love seat right now and La Resa is in the chair talking about how bored she is right now. It's about 7pm and we don't have any plans for the evening. Today I slept in then got up and went to Selea's soccer game. Her team was badly beaten, which doesn't really matter since they don't keep score, however Selea scored a goal! It was quite exciting, she is so little but she really does a good job at soccer, unlike last year.

I got my guitar back from the dealer and it's all wired up to be plugged in. I ended up spending more money than I should have and bought a Fishman "Aura", if there are any guitar players reading this, I think it's highly worth it to get this if you are plugging in your acoustic guitar and wanting it to sound like an acoustic guitar, it gets rid of that terrible sound of the pickup under the saddle of your guitar. If you are interested, go to http://www.fishmanaura.com/
and check out the sound samples they have there.
Nuffa Dat!

Was supposed to have visitor's this weekend, the Miller's from Salt Lake City were supposed to be in town but their young one got sick. I had a big chunk of time set aside for them. Highly dissapointed they were unable to make it.

Okay, boring this time, will try to make it up to you next time

Thursday, September 22, 2005

More stuff about stuff

Hi ya'll,
Okay so Stephanie and I went to the open Mic night at the Green Room, it went about the same as the previous week, a few different people about the same caliber.
The first girl leading off had a very nice voice but it was difficult hearing the words that she wrote, I could tell it was nice stuff, she was a new writer I believe, but if she keeps up with it she will turn out to be pretty good, can't remember her name.

There were a few people that seem to be regulars, that people knew and/or went to see.
I have to say that I had a really good time.
To make this a short blog, the last guy that played, and I don't have his name, was amazing. Going there for 2 weeks was worth the wait.
I could tell by the way he was holding his guitar, and plugging it in that he was going to be good.
I have a new theory, if you play the guitar and are right handed, if you tilt your head to the right when you are playing you most likely a "so so", if you tilt your head to the left or keep it straight up, you are more experienced. I tested this theory on Monday night with Steph's help and it was pretty much true.

Anyway, if the last guy has a website or anything I will post it here, because he was worth watching, he played a jazz chord style, had great writing and great lyrics and a great voice!! Wow!!!

That's it for now.

Talk to you all soon,


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Podcast.net - The Podcast Directory

Podcast.net - The Podcast Directory

Trying to blog this link..
if you click on the above link it should take you to my podcast.

Thanks to Dad for all of the hard work.

Podcast.net - The Podcast Directory

Podcast.net - The Podcast Directory

This is where to go for my latest podcast...
hopefully this works for you.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Green Room Pub

The Green Room Pub

this is where I am, confidence willing, going to try to play at an open Mike night
in case you want to check it out.

Okay, I just spent a good 20 mins with a new blog, and I hit preview, then the back button and it was gone!! talk about frustrating, I had some good stuff there, and it was my longest blog ever... who cares?? MEEEEEEE!!!!
I am so pissed!

Nuffa Dat!

I am totally going to type something that I didn't type, if you want to read the other it's on the ASTRAL plane it's called "The Blog that Got Away"
Goggle now has a blog search engine, it's pretty cool, if you go there and search "Andy Frost" it actually has my 2 blogs as the first hits. That's neat, there are many Andy Frost's out there but I guess they don't blog like I do.

Well today I wanted to tell everyone that I am pretty close to going out into public and playing my guitar, I obviously can't do it until I get my guitar back from the guitar store (read earlier blog if you want to know what happened)

I went to a local portland place called "The Green Room" last monday to check it out.
Tina and I went. We had a pretty good time. I went there mostly to see if it's the kind of place that my stuff would fit in. There was an eclectic mix of performers there. I actually enjoyed the evening, there was some good and some bad. I won't go into detail, suffice it to say. I think I am a bit above the average there, so my confidence was raised a bit. It's been a long time since I have done any public stuff, and I really remember not liking it too much, it's very unrewarding quite honestly. But now since I am not trying to gain anything out of it at all, even in my wildest dreams, I may actually have a good time doing it.

Stephanie and I are going to go check it out tomorrow night (the 19th of Sept) mostly for something to do, and also for me to gain maybe a little more confidence. I think when I do it finally I am not going to announce to anyone that I am doing it, I will go by myself and that way I won't have as many nerves twitching my belly..

This blog was a lot shorter than the previous lost blog..

see you all soon,


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spam Blam what a sham!!

Spam sucks, I am getting so much crap in my emails now. I think we should bring back the old days when horse thieves were hanged!! "Hang the spammer!! Hang em' high!!"
I now will never buy a rolex, take any online rx's , try to "enhance" my size, try to win over hundreds of babes!, or even try to make over $5,000 a month without leaving my home. If anyone ever falls for this shit, I think they should take away their driver's licenses and their right to vote. It's like when I am behind a car on a freeway exit/entrance and I see them handing a $ over to the person who is standing there for a handout!! It's like OH MY GOD, "don't feed the pigeons"!! Why would you want to see that same person everyday, over and over and over. If you give him bucks he will stay there forever. It's a scam, don't shave, don't shower, don't wash your clothes, we will pick you up at 3pm and you can go to this exit, I will go to this exit, we will form a beggars union and make hundreds of tax free dollars, and never have to work, and the very least someone will give us some food, let's never work again, better yet, you do the exit thing I will pick you up around 6:30pm and I will be home spamming, tomorrow you can spam and I will stand out there!!

I am more pissed about spam than I am about my car stereo being stolen, okay well maybe at least as much.
I was just spammed on this blog also.
It was then brought to my attention that I can prevent that so I made the necessary changes.
By the way y'all! you can leave comments on my blog site, no.. really you can, I want you to. I know it's not fascinatin' stuff but it is there for you to add on to, and don't feel like you have to just lettin' you know it's okay.

Sorry about the rant! but you know I had fun venting.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Day, My Guitar, My Car

I wanted a pickup installed on my breedlove guitar so after the research I did, and after your email I decided not to install myself so yesterday
I went to my local breedlove store, and dropped off my sc20r, to get
a fishman installed, I was told I would get it back today so I was
expecting a call from them. They called me at noon.
"ahhhhh well I kind of ran into a problem..."
"yes what was it"
"well let me just say, that I am sending your guitar to Breedlove and
they will be able to get it fixed"
"Okay....what happened"
"let's just say I am not able to install the pickup but they will
take care of it and it will come back good as new"
"well, what happened"
"let's just say that I wasn't able to install it.........

I was acting very calm and I didn't even act like I wanted to kill the guy, I just asked him to be honest with me, and that I am a very calm person and I would understand, he still wouldn't really tell me much.
to shorten this up a bit, the whole reason I didn't do my
installation was because of having to drill out the end pin hole, and
I might not be able to do it right and I was worried... and let's

I trust this dealer and I trust that breedlove will repair my guitar.
I won't go into the whole conversation but I had to call back my
salesperson and speak directly to him to get the full scoop.

So my day ended by me walking out to my car to find it broken into
with my stereo being ripped off.
Interesting Karma day


Friday, September 02, 2005

At home..

Hi everyone,
I have been home for the last two days attached to the holiday weekend that gives me 5 days off. Not counting that I have to go in on Saturday and do payroll (for Work).
I have been doing quite a few podcasts and am hoping everyone is having the chance to check them out. I think they get better as I go. If you don't have an RSS feed then you can go to www.podcast.net, search Andy Frost, then you can click on coldcutrecordings and have a listen. If your version of quicktime isn't up to snuff it will have you upload the newest version and then you are set.
La Resa is in California attending her friend's wedding I am playing Mr. Mom, which isn't that tough now that Taylor and Donovan are older.
I am attending Kat's Graduation today, Friday the 2nd of Sept. I talked to Kat yesterday, this is a big day for her and she is really excited, she is graduating from the "College of Oriental Medicine" which was a very difficult curiculum, I believe her specialty is Accupuncture and Herbal Medicine. This would be great to have a person around who could take care of you when you're sick, but alas she and Drew are moving to Arizona, already have a house and everything. La Resa and I will have a great void in our lives not that they are leaving.