Monday, May 29, 2006

Our Logo

Here is our official Logo...

A couple of pics from the "White Eagle"

Group Name

we finally came up with a name for our Group, and as you can see by the pic it is somewhat based on a song I wrote called "The Only Road to Real".
So with it being "Road to Real" it can be shortened for space purposes to
"R to R". I don't think it's the most perfect name but it seemed to be best by consensus.
I don't want to go into all of the meanings of that moniker but there are some deep meanings behind it. Hopefully people will pick up on that. I know the first reaction is.. Hmmm that's an odd name, but it's different enough. I googled it, no one out there has used it.
Drop me an email with your thoughts.

Nuffa' Dat!


Another night at the "White Eagle"

Hi all,
Last night went better than the previous week, even though the previous week wasn't bad. We ended up just being Andy and Mike, which we hadn't planned on, but we got it done. Everyone before us was extremely mellow, so we decided at the last minute to do 2 fast ones, so we did "The other Guy" and " You just do what you do"
Took a little bit for me to loosen up, but I finally did on the other guy.
I look out at the end of that song and saw a lot of smiling facing in the audience.
One guy came up to Mike and I and shook our hands when we were done, that was nice.
The audience was the best audience that I had seen there ever. They were very quiet and listened to every artist, that is unusual. John the "Host" even thanked everybody.
The main attraction for that night was beyond awesome but I couldn't even begin to describe what he did, it was just musically like nothing I had ever seen before, the guy was truly creative, he is so good that I don't think he will ever make it, he just won't be understood. He played bass guitar, but it was so eclectic and beautiful, at one point it was like "whales" signing. I can't go on from there.
Part of the pleasure of the evening was in the fact that Kim and Tina both came to watch us and show us support. It was great having them there and it gave me some room for some audience banter with Kim.. it was fun

We had a good night especially since we didn't have to get up and go to work the next day

Nuffa' Dat!


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hi All,
Last week Mike R. and I performed at the White Eagle Open Mic night. We are also going to do the same thing this week. This week Stephanie will be joining us. Last weeks review: Went pretty well, I didn't feel all that great about it, but the reactions were good. I kind of went into a zone and didn't hear too much, pretty much just went on automatic. I lost my voice after the first song.. don't know why, I think I tightened up due to nerves... Couldn't hear my voice at all on the second song.
Again, the reactions were good, my guitar went over well. Took the Breedlove "Pacific" it sounded great. We played "She Brings that to me" and " He ". It was a small, mellow crowd, so we went with a couple of mellow tunes. This week we will be doing..
"Anywhere but Near" and "You just do what you do"
I will let you know how it went

Nuffa' Dat!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day everyone!

Sitting out on the Deck this fine sunday morning, very sunny, nice temp of 60 degrees feels warmer because of the sun out. It is so green in Oregon right now.
The apple tree is at full mast with it's leaves all firm and healthy, our Kiwi plants are all wrapped around the rails of the Deck, it's a wonder we even have any sunlight shining on us. My hop plants are taller than I have ever seen for this time of the year. The birds have so much choice for food and shelter that I can't even see them all but I can clearly hear everyone of them.
I have my humming bird feeder out but it is not being visited all that much because there is so much nectar on the plants and trees, they just don't really need it. I see more of them on my apple tree than I do on the feeder... I will be patient though.
La Resa and I actually went out and bought a bird book because we have seen so many birds and we just don't know what they are, and had enough curiosity to want to know.

We are under a severe weather alert because our temp is supposed to go up into the mid 90's today, doesn't sound like much after leaving florida last week.

I am sure everyone knows this but the little group has a "gig" on June 11th. Have been working toward that, preparing 8 songs. Mike and I practiced outside this week, out on my deck. There is no better sound than just acoustic guitar and upright bass playing without any amplification... it sounded so good...


I hope your day is as nice as mine has started out... I feel so good sitting out here typing to you, La Resa is reading the Sunday paper, Selea is running around the yard, Dontay and Chancey are out here with us along with "Precious" the cat...

Nuffa' Dat!