Sunday, February 22, 2009

As Well I Could Original by Andy Frost

this is a new original tune...

Neil Diamond Play me

Just posted this on YouTube...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 day weekend....

My natural body cycle is stay up late and get up late. Yet everyday I have to get up early to get to work, somewhat early.
So, when I get days off, I stay up late and get up late. Not that interesting but it shortens my daylight hours.
We are having what I call "teaser" days in the Portland, Oregon. The temp sneaks up to round 60 degrees for a few days then we slip back into the rainy days. If you happened to have moved here this week, and you think "this weather is nice" hold on to your hats cause it's gonna suck again. Sucks till you get used to it at least.

I am thinking today La Resa and I are going to go down to water front park and walk the entire length, which isn't that bad except that you also have to walk back.

For those of you not familiar with Portland, WaterFront park is where Obama drew 72,000 people for one of his presidential rallies. It was amazing, glad I wasn't there tho', too many peeps for me.

This blog isn't all that interesting, I am not painting pretty pictures with words or anything, do I ever??

So on the 2nd day of my 3 day weekend, which was not planned sort of spontaneous, that is what we are going to be doing.
If you happen to follow me on twitter, I am sure I will be sending tweets and pics as we make our way down the park. I am really enjoying tweets. I think I have met some interesting people on there. Like I have stated previously, it is totally egocentric in a way, if you only twitter, and don't read and/or acknowledge others.

I am probably going to also use my gps today to track my walk. Oh and sometime today I have to take Taylor, 18 year old daughter, out driving. She is learning, if you never hear from me again.....

MyHope (original song)

This song is excellent! it's culminates all that is "now". Not only that this girl seems to have either created the "Girl with Uke" sound or she has mastered a sound that was there. That is not meant to be an insult but if you listen to girls on youtube with ukes it sounds like they are imitating this person. Either way I think it's a great sound, and with 202,794 views I am not alone in my appreciation of this performance.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow entering a whole new world

I can't remember the last time I actually blooged.
I look and I see I posted a few things here and there but I really haven't posted anything of significance.
I forgot about this until I followed a link from Twitter that was posted by Dan Christensen, aka Danbusdriverman.
I read his blog about open mic nights and decided to follow his blog and saw that this profile came up and here I am.

I used to be almost exclusively My Space and now I find myself hardly at all on myspace. I am mostly on Twitter now and Facebook also, but i am loving Twitter.

Twitter is mostly a really encapsulated face book where you are reading mostly one liners about what people are doing at that particular moment. Some people are really interesting and they "twitter" all the time.

I am following, bus drivers, software developers, college students, high school students, people from Portland, Oregon, People who sell sex toys, people who make/ sew purses, teachers, people who make adult vids of themselves and sell them, people with iphones, people who do I don't know what, musicians, people who just twitter.

I thought this was great but now it's fantastic cause I have the iphone and on my iphone has the "app" "tweetie" which is a small version of twitter. I can take a break at work and read what everybody is doing.

This is such an egocentric thing to do, well if you mostly post, and dont' read other people's stuff. I find myself reading a lot and posting very little. I try to post things I may get a response to and I try to be whitty, but I fail at that.

So anyway, if you search a topic that you might be interested in and then you will see who has "tweeted" about that topic, if you find it interesting then you "follow" that person and everytime they post something it shows up on your page so that you can read it.

It's a bit of networking as well. When you type in a key phrase and someone searches that, they will start following you. It grows and grows, you follow, then they follow you. You can get quite a following. At this point for me it is the most interesting thing that I have ever found on the internet, except for maybe CamFrog. Cam Frog takes a lot of my time, but I will save that for another post. ...

Hopefully you got something out of this blog and if you are interested I highly recommend you to look at Twitter.

oh and if you have the opportunity to get an iphone, there is nothing like it. The apps are what makes it all worth while.
My life is in my iphone, I have the world at my fingertips, my email, like no other email. I use my iphone more than my laptop.
It doesn't replace all that I can do with my laptop but it gives me the connection I need during my day..

ok nuffa dat!