Sunday, February 26, 2006

Playing out Mon night 2/27

I hate saying "The Green Room" again, but I am going to be playing Monday night at the "Green Room" again.
It's not like getting a gig, but I have fun doing it, well at least when it's over and I can breathe again, it's fun.
I told a lot of people about this. If everyone ends up going who says they are going there should be 15-20 people
showing up... that's scarey!! Gives me good incentive to do my best. It also calms me down a bit and lets me focus
so that I will perform my best. There are some people who know me that are going but have never heard me play.
I don't really have a lot to say in this blog... don't want to ramble.
If you feel like flying in to Portland for the evening you should come on down, would love to have you there!
I will let you know how it went.

Nuffa Dat!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

2 days before Valentines

Sunday Feb 12th

Not much on the home front today, 2 days before Hallmark day, or is it Valentine's day? Cards and chocolate, there's something to look forward to. It's a week of transition at work, no sooner does the 14th come and we have to get Easter all set, and "you only have 2-3 days to do it"! Oh and by the way, the new boss is coming in on Monday so you had better be perfect! It's taken me a lifetime and I have accomplished that yet, so how can I do it in less than a week? No really I am asking you..

"Remakes and Remixes 2" or better known as "Remakes 2" is all re-recorded and remixed. I am at the final listening stages, so for sure by next weekend I will have this done, and start mailing out by the next week. In case you don't know when I make a "Remakes" it's all my older stuff, that I am trying to make better than the original recording, or maybe just give it a new sound.
I am repeating my self from an earlier post.

All together there are 10 songs.

I am also now 8 songs into the new CD that is called "It's Lovely when it Rains"

Had an interesting dream last night about a new song... it was very touching and emotional. I will have to see what comes of that.

Had a good response to my classified ad looking for a guitar partner. The person who answered described himself, and he sounded like me, I had to go back and check to see if I accidentally responded to my own ad. I sent him a few songs and he liked them. I am looking forward to hooking up with him, we'll see what happens.

Nuffa Dat!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

A little Delay..

I have a little delay in putting out remakes 2, I have some things that I want to touch up a bit before I send it out.
I am also working on another "song compilation" (cd) at the same time that has all new stuff on it. Last Sunday I
ended up writing a new song and got that recorded, after the intial recording, which I thought was done, I started
experimenting a bit and finding new things that were working out nicely. This in turn has lead me to want to go back
on some of the "Remakes 2" stuff and touch up a bit... hence, the delay.
Just didn't want to say I was going to do something and not do it, or at least explain to you why I am behind on what I had
said originally.

No successful responses to my "Ad" yet..
will probably take time also.

I have been doing some serious self analysis on my songwriting in the last few days, self analysis isn't always the best thing
to do, but, I am listening like I am not me. I like what I have done but I am thinking that I need a shot in the arm to grow a little bit. I will be in listening mode for a while now to try to absorb some new stuff. There are a few things on the new CD that will kind of reflect a change that has already started.. but I will let you be the judge of that.

Nuffa Dat',


Friday, February 03, 2006

The Green Room again...

I went again to the "Green Room"
this time Tina, Sheri, Pat and Christine went to watch me.
I find it much easier to perform when friends are with me. I was nervous and quite honestly probably would have chickened out had they not been there.
I have never seen that many people at the Green Room ever before. I don't think there too many seats open.

Being nervous and having the friends really forced me to work through the nerves, I just got up there and belted out the songs.
I played:

"I can only show you what I am" New
"That's a Fact" Older
" I can't live with your Cheating no more" off of "The Only Road to Real" CD

I really belted out with my voice. I think I had a real good audience response.
Chuck , the Host, came up and said "Excellent" I hadn't heard him say that to anyone before.

Some blonde chick in the back was really getting into it, she stood up and watched from the corner, okay so I am only mentioning that because I noticed how much she was really getting into it, and I appreciated that.
Tina said "someone back over in that corner was really getting into it"
Could have been a dark haired guy for all I care, it was just nice that someone liked it that much.

I also noticed some of the other musicians really paying attention to what I was doing.
This was also the first time that I have performed standing up using a "guitar strap", that made it much easier to get the nerve kinks out of my system.
I actually really enjoyed it. I want to do it again real soon, but I don't want to be one of those guys who goes every week and wears out the novelty of it all.
I am thinking once a month.

I put an ad in the local area paper, it's online mostly but comes in print also. I was advertising looking for an acoustic guitar playing, singing, songwriting person who wants to team up. I would really like to have someone as passionate as I to play out in public with. I miss playing with Michael, I really enjoyed that time of our lives when we played all the time.. Miss you Mike!
Got an email response already from someone, I am going to be very picky!!

Nuffa Dat!

Talk to you soon...