Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I think the whole world is blogging. I don't think people keep journals anymore. I think I have noticed that most people who blog seriously probably prepare, edit, redo, censor, redo, reedit, and then finally post their blogs.
I don't do that, in fact I hardly call myself a blogger. I wonder how many people out there are like me and post a blog when then feel compelled to do so, and also just kind of type what has been happening with themselves. (sounds like a journal to me)
I kind of want to continue with that thread, but I won't

I am noticing that my laptop makes a funny sound everytime I use the letter "T".

Ok, music wise.

I have been answering Craig's list ads for musicians and or gigs, and getting some show dates that way.

Also pick up a gig from a Twitter person, that one is for the band, Road to Real

I do have a wine tasting gig coming up on April 9th Tues from 5-7:30pm. Which reminds me I have to start preparing for that.

it's at:

KORKAGE wine shop

6351 SW Capitol Hwy (Hillsdale)

Portland, OR 97239

I am not getting paid for this gig, well I guess I am getting some wine.
I tried to get Mike my Bass player in on it as well but they only wanted the Singer/Songwriter person.

This kind of changes things for me and I think I will have to really look at my play list.
I might also have to do some Cover tunes to keep it mixed up a bit. Swallowing my pride on that one, but it makes sense.

I am on vacation this week.
I had a friend from Vancouver, BC come down for a 4 day weekend, which was a lot of fun

I was supposed to leave on Thurs to drive down to Ca. to visit Michael my friend.
I was getting an oil change and the oil change guy spotted a problem with my Differential, leaking grease.
So now my car is in the shop and will be there till Friday, so that Thwarted my attempts to go to California.

The pic above is of me at one of the falls along the Columbia River Gorge from this last weekend

Ok this was basically boring....

talk at you soon


Elaine's View Point said...

That wasn't boring! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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